Hey there, I'm Jeremy.

I’ve been a lifelong advocate and activist, and my passion for politics began with a passion for people. I knew from a young age that what I wanted out of life was to help others. To leave a lasting impact. To make the world, or at least the world around me, a better place.

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The Issues

I don’t want you to support me because I've convinced you the alternative is worse, I want to give you something to actually support and be hopeful for. I want to get our priorities straight and help those most in need, first. I want Minnesota to be the model for our nation in rebuilding the middle class, and restoring the American dream.

Opinions on the Issues

Grassroots Campaign

I can't do it alone - it takes a village and I'll need you to stand up and use your voices to help me represent you in St. Paul. I won't accept conditional contributions that obligate me to favor the few, to the detriment of the many. Together, we are strong.

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